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MRM Chassis #001 on the Dyno 11/14/2009:

After a summer of upgrades the owner of Chassis #001 decided a dyno pull was in order.

The Results of the dyno run:

The runs were done on the same dyno approx. one year apart. The upgrades included 19 lb injectors upgraded to 24 lbs, stock fuel pressure regulator upgraded to a adjustable Holley regulator, the 60mm throttle and EGR spacer were upgraded to Edelbrock 65mm units, the mass air tube was upgraded to a C&L 72mm unit, the “worked” E7 iron E7 heads were swapped for a set of AFR aluminum heads that were worked by MRM, the upper and lower intake were swapped for Edelbrock performer units and the TFI module was relocated to the passenger’s fender. The engine retained its 306 c.i. of displacement and E303 cam.

MRM Chassis #002 on a run to the Yuengling Beer Factory:

A fellow member of the LVMOC put this little video together about a month before the car sold.

MRM Chassis #001 on the Dyno 11/15/2008:

MRM Chassis #001 gets it’s first dyno run.

MRM Test Mule:

Couple engine shots of the first build.

MRM Test Mule:

Two videos of the test mule being flogged on a few PA roads:

MRM Test Mule on the dyno:

The test mule did get one chance on the dyno. It made 225 rwhp which was not too bad. One interesting aspect of this video is the amount of movement the car makes on the dyno. The mule never received the Fat Cat Motorsports suspension that the other two did. You can really notice the stiffness of the FCM system when you compare the two videos:




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