Radiator Cowls for all Miatas!

Make sure your radiator is getting as much cool air as possible!

 Fits ALL NA (1990-í97) Miatas with or without ABS or V8ís!


 Polished and sealed aluminum construction.


 Hand made with care by MRM.


 Fits NA (1990-97) Miatas with or without ABS (currently the only radiator cowl insert available for ABS equipped Miatas).


 Radiator cowls block air from slipping over the radiator allowing your radiator to work more effectively.


 Requires a quick rerouting of your† carís nose Air Bag sensor.


In any Miata, the importance of getting as much air through the radiator as possible is paramount. On a V8 itís even more important. These cowls were developed with the cooling needs of a V8 in mind and have been track and street tested to unsure their effectiveness.


These MRM cowls are individually hand-shaped using the highest-quality outdoor grade aluminum sheet which is coated to prevent staining and mild scratching. To ensure the best seal they are beaded with a custom rubber gasket that not only improves the look of the cowl but also blocks air from escaping.


Currently MRM cowls are only offered in aluminum. However, plans are in the works for brass and nickel-plated versions as well as NB versions.

Our cowls not only look good but also fully seal using a custom rubber gasket (ABS version shown).

McCully Racing Motors

Allentown/Barto, PA

Standard Aluminum non-ABS: $49.99

Non-ABS version in place on a 1990 Miata (will fit on all Miatas, not just V8ís).

View from behind. Note how the cowl seals all the way up behind the front bumper cover.

The MRM Cowl cover attaches using five of the original 10 mm bolts already present in your Miata.


To Order email or call the following:


E-mail: mccullyracingmotors@gmail.com


Phone: 267.254.6687



Standard Aluminum with ABS: $49.99




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