Pre-Tapped Ford Thermostat Housings

No need to go looking for one obscure tap at your local hardware store! MRM has the solution to your tapping problems!

 Saves you the hassle of dealing with using a tap!


 Saves you from having to find a new M16 tap for just one lousy hole!



Price: $30.00 ($20 core)

Maybe the thought of using a tap for the first time scares you, maybe you donít feel like buying an entire metric tap set for just so you can get the one M16 tap needed to tap this one hole, maybe youíre not so sure about your drilling abilities... whatever the reason, MRM has the solution! Simply send your unaltered Ford 302 Thermostat housing out to us and weíll drill the hole for your thermoswitch, tap it out to the correct M16 size and send it back to you. Itís that easy.

Whatís that, you donít have one to send us? No problem! Weíll find one for you for $15, drill and tap it for $25 and send it out to you. Weíll even throw in a brand-spanking new thermoswitch for an additional $40 (the original ones have a nasty habit of breaking off when removed from their old Miata home...donít worry, youíre not the first to break one!).

Wow! So thatís where the fan switch goes...

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