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After selling over Twelve Thousand TFI relocation kits around the planet we’ve finally managed to top ourselves.

We’ve created the










The Mk3 TFI Relocation AND Extension kit

We’ve had a number of requests over the years for a way to extend the six factory TFI wires along with the jumper wires in our Mk2 kit. We’ve also had requests for a more “OEM Looking” solution. After a few years of dissecting old TFI modules, pouring over Ford wiring diagrams, designing and testing various solutions, we feel we have finally come up with the zenith (that means most awesome) TFI relocation kit the planet has ever seen.

The Mk3 kit you see above not only installs as easily as replacing a TFI module, it also maintains the appearance of a factory TFI module on  your distributor! The secret is the “gutted” new TFI module that forms the distributor end of the harness and its Carbon Fiber/Graphene 3d-printed MRM cover.

To install it all you do is:

1.) Remove your old TFI module

2.)  Bolt the gutted module end to your distributor

3.) Plug your existing TFI wires into the dummy TFI (just as you would an actual TFI module)

4.) Run the 48” harness to your desired relocation area

5.) Mount the heat sink and bolt a new TFI module to it

6.) Plug the heat sink end of your Mk3 into the new TFI and...

You’re DONE!

Here’s a link to the actual instructions

It literally may take longer to read the instructions than install the kit. The best parts are:

NO Soldering!

No cutting and splicing!

Completely Removable!


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