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Under Development!

Coming soon we’ll be delving into an area that we have never touched before, interior dress up components! While not typical type of modification we make to Miatas around here, its still another way that we can help you personalize your car. First up will be a custom retro gauge pod overlay. Our first attempt at this was for our own Laguna 331 Miata and is documented here. Prototyping and jigs have been made, once we have a few to sell we’ll put up a page. We’re looking at around $250 each for a plug-n-play solution. You’ll send us your unaltered surround as a core and we’ll send it back MRM-retrofied.

Because two heads are ALWAYS better than one.

In the Works:

* ”SN95 Conversion Harness” Conversion harness made up using a SN95 Mustang (1994/95 5.0) harness and ECU as a donor.

* “MS3 Plug and Play Harness” A plug and play harness that can be used to add a MS3 with MS3X board to any 5.0, 331 or 347 Mustang or Miata

*”Tech Pages” here at MRM to guide you through some difficult areas of the conversion process

* “Customers’ Rides” section featuring some of the machines MRM parts have helped get on the road

* “Hardware Pack” for Monster Miata kits: All the bolts, nuts and washers you need in one rather heavy box (not everyone has an Ace hardware near by…)

Mk2 TFI Heat Sinks are Here!

After a lot of trial, error and development we’ve come up with a replacement for the reclaimed Ford TFI heat sinks that meets the following:

1. Superior ability to dissipate heat

2. Better protection from moisture

3. Better long-term appearance

4. Same price as old kit

5. Eliminates need for a TFI tool


Here it is:












Visit our TFI page for more info


If you have already purchased a TFI kit from us and would like to upgrade your Heat sink only please contact us. The existing customer heat sink only price is different than the heat sink only price listed on the TFI page.


We Have a Blog!

It’s admittedly not much to look at yet but we’ve decided to join the 21st century and start a blog. We’ve been getting a bit of feedback from our customers regarding the lack of consistent updates to our website. The truth is, both my father and I are often so busy with simply keeping up with customer orders and our day jobs that completely refreshing the website sort of takes a back-burner to getting orders out the door. Hopefully, with the ease in which a blog can be updated, we’ll both be able to let everyone know what’s going on with our products and projects in a more up-to-date fashion. Our new blog can be found by clicking here or on the permanent link on the sidebar.

2.0 Pricing Finalized!

It’s been a while but 2.0 blocks and assembled bottom ends are officially out of development and ready for sale. For those unfamiliar with what we’ve been doing the last few years, we have developed with Darton Sleeves a proprietary sleeve that can safely take a 1.8 liter Miata block to just under 2.0 liters (1952cc) without the worries associated with the thin walls of a non-sleeved overbore. Check out our 2.0 page for details.