Price: $600 (+ core charge if applicable)

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After several years of building Ford V8 Miatas we’ve developed a few products that are designed to help you through the more difficult portions of the Monster Miata swap process and get your build on the road a little quicker. Running V8 Miatas on the street and track for several years has also lead to us developing some products that increase the reliability of a converted V8 Miata. In addition to the products below we can also aid you in building the perfect Ford 5.0 or even Miata BP motor for your Miata or other ride. We also have a selection of used Mustang and Miata parts in our garage that we’d me more than happy to part with...

A bit daunted by the thought of modifying your Mustang harness yourself? Why not have us do it for you?

Modified Conversion Harnesses (V8)

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Phone: 267.254.6687



Mk2 TFI Module Relocation Kits for all TFI Fords

Our MKII kit utilizes a custom designed aluminum heat sink and a 40” PIP signal jumper harness to move your TFI module to a cooler location.

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Price: $90.00 Shipped (US)

Custom Air Conditioning Lines for V8 Miatas!

It gets hot behind the wheel of a V8 Miata. We have a way of keeping you feeling as cool as your car is.

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Price: $220 Shipped (US)




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Bored and Sleeved 2.0 Miata BP bottom ends

It’s hip to be square. Click for more details. From $4096

McCully Racing Motors

Because two heads are ALWAYS better than one.


Mk3 TFI Module Relocation/Extension Kits for all TFI Fords

The Mk3 TFI kit combines the above Mk2 heat sink and signal jumper with an TFI wiring extension to make a Plug-&-Play TFI relocation solution.

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Price: $190 Shipped (US)

Mustang Fox body to SN95 Distributor Conversion kit

This kit takes the popular Mk2 kit and adapts it to use a 1994/95 Mustang “SN95” non-TFI distributor in place of the Fox one for a completely OEM look!

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Price: $90.00 Shipped (US)

TFI Module Relocation Kits:

Does your V8 Miata, Mustang, F150 or other 5.0-powered Ford eat TFI modules for lunch? One of our three TFI relocation options are the answer to your problem!

5.0 V8 Miata Conversion Parts:

After working in the Monster Miata community for the last decade we’ve developed a few parts that should help your conversion go more smoothly.

MRM Machine Services:

Not everyone wants a V8. We now offer two popular options to increase the displacement of the Miata’s BP engine. Both include Manley rods, Supertech/Wiseco pistons, and a proprietary head gasket. For more information contact:

MRM Machine at or 267-254-6682.

“Square” 85x85 1.9 Miata BP bottom ends

Proprietary sleeves spell “awesome”. Click for more details. From $5500