Who is McCully Racing Motors?

Jason McCully is a certified elementary school English teacher who feels the best way to recover from 10 months of singing rhyming songs, doing cut & paste,  giving 6-year-olds band-aids and teaching the wonders of what a “noun” is is to spend his free time trying to shove 300-hp V8’s into small, underpowered Japanese sports cars.  With the moral support of  his VERY understanding wife he’s spent much of his free time over the last 4 years building V8 Miatas and developing ways of making the process easier for others attempting to build their own.

McCully Racing Motors

Quakertown/Barto, PA

Meet Jason McCully

Here is Jason after pulling his first underpowered power plant out of a very grateful Miata. Oh what a happy day!

Meet Thomas McCully

Here we see Thomas entering the almost trance-like meditative state he reaches while blueprinting a rotating assembly.

Thomas McCully is an ASE certified machine shop and performance engine building teacher who’s experience in the automotive performance world spans over 4 decades. In addition to teaching others how to build competition-quality engines he’s also worked in many facets of the automotive industry from owning his own performance shop to working with OEM suppliers. He now turns his spare energy toward creating hand-built custom engines and components that far exceed the performance that Ford, GM or Mazda designed them for.

McCully Racing Motors is a father and son business operating out of the Lehigh Valley area of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Although our original plan was to simply build one Ford V8 Miata at a time and sell it, we’ve since seen that there is a market for components for these cars that are needed by those attempting the build by themselves.

Our first component was undoubtedly the hand built, blueprinted and balanced Ford 5.0’s Thomas McCully has been building for nearly 4 decades. Each engine is lovingly hand built to tolerances exceeding that of the Japanese engine it will be replacing. We then realized that other components, such as wiring harnesses, driveshafts and axles, were the “sticking points” that held many projects up for months, even years! By having us handle  these components for you get the satisfaction of building the car yourself while still taking advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained through multiple builds over the years.

Meet Cody

Cody is Jason’s dog. He’s spent a good deal of his young life watching his owner disappear and reappear from under Miatas in the midst of their transformations. He feels it’s very important to:

A: Get his coat as dirty and greasy as possible so that his owner gets the most “bang for his buck” at the groomer.

B: Make sure nothing threatens his owner while he’s working on converting a Miata. This includes delivery people, other dogs, small mammals and even the occasional large rock.

C: Eat anything within reach that is even remotely edible, including the occasional gasket his owner accidently leaves within reach….

Cody taking a break after using his expert tearing skill to open a shipment from UPS.

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