Custom V8 Conversion Air Conditioning Hoses

Build your V8 Miata with air conditioning for under $300!

· Allows you to build a V8 Miata with fully functional AC for much less than a fully custom system.


· The kit includes both a low and high pressure hose as well as NEW o-rings.


· Relocation and adjustment of the original Mazda hard lines requires following the procedure shown on our Cardomain page for our 3rd build.

· Use of a new AC receiver/dryer is recommended (under $60 at the autoparts store)



Up until now the only way to have AC in your Monster Miata was to have a AC shop install an entire custom system. Theses custom systems can cost as much as $1000 to have installed! On our third build we spent a great amount of time designing a way to use as much as of the original Miata system as possible to save cost. The only portion of that system that was not from the original Miata or the Mustang engine was the custom hoses. We are now happy to offer these hoses for all.

Using these hoses requires a “reconfiguring” of the original Miata hard lines, the most major part of which is relocating the AC dryer/receiver bottle from in front of the radiator to the passenger wheel well. The entire procedure is shown on our Cardomain pages for our third and fourth builds (white 1990 and 1994 Laguna), links to which can be found on our “Builds” page.


Our custom AC lines are approx. 4’ and 6’ long and come complete with fittings that interface with a Ford Mustang compressor and Miata hard lines.

McCully Racing Motors

Quakertown/Barto, PA

The “Ford End” of the hose set is custom designed to allow the hoses to pass behind the AC compressor for maximum hood clearance.

The Mazda end of the lines interface with the Miata’s original aluminum hard lines. The hard lines have to be reconfigured to work with these hoses.

To make the AC clutch cycle only one small splice under the dash is required if your car is a 1990-93. If you have a 1994—1997 Miata two splices are required. Simply cut the green/black and blue/black wire from the old Miata computer plug and splice them together. Your AC will now function as it did before the V8!

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AC Hose Kit (1990-’05): $220 Shipped (US)




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