Custom Aluminum V8 Miata Driveshafts


· Completely welded and balanced construction.


· Made with love in the U.S. of A.


· Abuse tested at 311 ft.lbs. of torque!


· Improves the areas of acceleration, driveline loss and NVH!

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We went shopping during our last build for someone who would make our driveshaft for us (it’s not included in the kit). First we thought about having a old Mustang one cut down. When we worked out the cost of having the old rusty thing shortened and new u-joints added  we almost got to the point where it was worth having a new one made up in steel. I took the specs to a local South-Eastern PA driveline shop I’d heard good things about and found I could have these beauties made up in aluminum for almost the same price. Talk about a no brainer!


As beautiful as these driveshafts look (even my wife, a card-carrying “non-car person” thinks they are beautiful) they exceed their steel counterparts in several ways. First, they are significantly lighter than a steel driveshaft. This not only saves a few pound of weigh but also allows the engine to accelerate it faster and easier eliminating some driveline loss. Even more impressive is the difference in drivability you will feel with this driveshaft. Aluminum acts as a “driveline bushing”, absorbing some of the initial “shock” and “jerk” you will feel when shafting gears or accelerating. This not only makes shifting easier but also can create a little less wear and tear on the rear differential and axles of your monster Miata.


Our Custom aluminum shafts come completely assembled and ready to drop in with brand new 1310 universal joints and hand selected and restored yokes. The center section and attached aluminum yokes are completely new construction and are balanced with the u-joints and end yokes in place to ensure vibration-free operation. Before being offered for sale the prototype of this driveshaft was subjected to a year of operation in a 230 hp V8 Miata and stood up to the most trying abuse, including several dyno pulls and even track work.

Aluminum is to performance automotives as gold is to jewelry...

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